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You think you know it all? Spur some friendly trivia competition by challenging your friends, family, colleagues and students each day then check the leaderboards to see how you measured up. The news quiz is based on daily news and frequently updated to keep you entertained all the time.


The great thing about this current affairs quiz game is that it will both keep you entertained, challenged and informed at the same time. Play it in your free time and always know what is going on in your city or country! See how challenging our news quiz questions can be!

* please note this is a U.S. NEWS current events quiz and news trivia *
«News Quiz App features:

  • 16 daily questions based on the latest news
  • Full answer explanation
  • Each question contains its news source

«News question topics include:

  • U.S News
  • World News
  • Student news
  • Sports
  • History (On this day)
  • Entertainment
  • Science
  • Literature

It’s Challenging

NEWSMEISTER isn’t trying to stump you with esoteric trivia; the game is designed for people like you. People who are interested in current events. People who engage in the latest social and political discourse. People whose awareness extends beyond their immediate world. You don’t need a Ph.D from Harvard or MIT. Just follow the news! News trivia can be fun, but extremely challenging too, so be focused and give the best answers to master the news game!

It’s Quick

NEWSMEISTER is a quick current news quiz. At roughly three minutes long, it’s a great way to occupy yourself during a quick bus or subway ride, or while taking a coffee break. We like to think of NEWSMEISTER as short, but substantial. It is the ideal combination of a daily and a weekly news quiz that will challenge you and inform you at the same time!

It’s Social

How do you stack up against other NEWSMEISTER players? NEWSMEISTER shows daily leaderboards that list high scores and other interesting data from the previous day. See how you fare and compare your score to that of your friends or people who live in the same city or state.See why it is one of the best quiz on current affairs.

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