Student News Competition

Introduce current events into your classroom and students’ homes with Newsmeister.

Sign up for our student news competition.  Entry is free.   Class groups may include the teacher, students, and their families.  Just follow the steps below to register.  If you haven’t played Newsmeister, try it now.

How to Register:

Step 1.  Register your school and class. 

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I promise to hold each of my students participating in this competition to my school's honor code. Please check the box to accept.

Step 2. Have each student configure their account using your class’s unique group name (e.g. nchs-holmgren).  Click here for instructions

Step 3.  Play the news challenge each day.  Class scores will be automatically tallied each day throughout the month at Student News Leaderboard

Competition will end at 10pm PST on the last day of each month.