Student News Quiz

Attention Teachers! Newsmeister is for High School and College Students too.

Newsmeister offers a fun alternative to keeping students interested in the latest news through friendly competition. By gamifying the news, Newsmeister helps students retain important information so that they can distinguish between fake news and real facts.

How Does it Work?

In Newsmeister, students race against the clock to answer questions based on trending news stories from around the world. The quizzes are published daily, so even the most avid student remains challenged. Once an answer is revealed, a link to the source is provided so that students can read the full article or start a discussion related on the topic.

Until recently, a common misconception existed that millennials were not interested in the news. On the contrary, an Associated Press survey found that millennials do keep up with world events but choose to engage in different ways than previous generations, by using smart devices and social networks. According to the AP survey, only 39% of millennials actively search out news, while 60% stated that they “bump into” news on social media, and then delve into the story via a link to the news site.

Getting Started

1. Complete this Form
2. Wait for comfirmation email w/unique CLASS ID (up to 3 business days)
3. Download IOS, Android, or Open WebApp
4. Register each student
5. Ask each student to enter their CLASS ID in "Settings"