Class/Group Setup

Click Here for a Printable PDF


Step 1:  Download and install Newsmeister for your device or go to our online web version:

    1. iOS Version for iPhones and iPads
    2. Android Phones and Tablets
    3. Facebook App
    4. Web Browser Version (Webapp)

Step 2:  Sign up as a new user


Step 3:  From the Home menu, open the right side menu then go to “Settings”


Step 4:  Enter your unique class name or group into the “Group” field (e.g. My Class) then select “Done” or “Save”


Step 5:  Check Results Screen for other Group members by selecting “Results” from the Home Screen  then Select “Group” from the dropdown.

home results

Step 6:  Register for our Student News Competition.  Click Here.

Do you have your own website? Please use the following code to EMBED Newsmeister?

<iframe style=”border: 1px solid;” src=”” name=”News Quiz” width=”99%” height=”760″ frameborder=”no” scrolling=”auto” align=”center”></iframe>